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Bartender Mixology Training Course
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The Bartender Mixology Certification Course includes valuable tools like drink memorization techniques - mnemonic devices to help you decipher a drinks ingredients based on the name of the drink itself, and will train you on how to be a great bartender. Over the many years that we have been training bartenders across the US, we've learned the training techniques and teaching methods best suited to producing great bartenders, and this course is built on that proud tradition. We've utilized this knowledge base of training experience at live schools across the nation to bring this interactive online course to you.

The course contains text, audio files, videos, pictures, and flash cards to help you memorize important information and drink recipes, and electronic quizzes to verify your knowledge. There is also an interactive feature called iBar that allows you to serve drinks in a virtual bar and get the practice you need to bartend professionally. IBar will give you an idea of what it's like to be behind a real bar. You'll be given a request for a drink and in some cases, you'll have to find the appropriate bottles from the shelf modeled after a real bar, pour the bottle for the right amount of time to get the appropriate mix of alcohol, and serve the drink to your virtual customer. This tool is great for learning to bartend!

Enroll now in the Bartending Mixology online course, increase your chances of being hired, earn better tips, and stay a step ahead of the competition. Start today!